Raising the Bar With Robin Hensley

What is it like to work with a coach?

Raising the Bar clients talk about working with Business Development Coach Robin Hensley
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"Everybody is always marketing. But most lawyers have no idea how to sell anything. They don't teach salesmanship in law school."

-The late U. S. Attorney General, Judge Griffin Bell


Our practice focuses on lawyers and CPAs who are at the top of their game and want to become even more effective in developing new business.

Business development coaching for world class rainmakers.

  • Managing Partner Program
    Custom program designed especially for law and accounting firm managing partners who want to increase their firm's profit picture through increased revenue, improved productivity and management effectiveness.
  • Office Managing Partner Program
    This one-on-one program is for OMPs with people management, billable time and rainmaking responsibilities who want to do more and make more in less time with less effort.
  • Practice Team Leader Program
    Similar to the OMP program, this custom one-on-one program addresses the issues and challenges unique to the law and accounting firm PTL.
  • Super Rainmaker Program
    Individual programs for Super Rainmakers and those that aspire to be focus on strategies and tactics for becoming even more effective in developing new business.
  • Business Development Core Program
    Individual business development coaching programs for lawyers and CPAs who seek to manage their non-billable time to more effortlessly build their book of business, position themselves for advancement and finally feel good about marketing.