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Business Development Coaching for World-class Rainmakers

What is business development coaching?
Raising the Bar business development coaching provides a custom structured program for increasing your book of business. The practice focuses on managing partners, office managing partners, practice team leaders and super rainmaker in law and accounting who are at the top of their game and want to become even more effective in developing new business. 

How can I  measure the success of coaching?
At the beginning of our coaching relationship, we agree on measurable goals that you can use to evaluate the benefit of coaching to you, your  firm and your practice. These goals can include originating revenues, new matter revenues and other measurements appropriate to your situation while still keeping in mind billable time goals. Generally, the goal is a steady flow of new work from existing clients, new clients and referral sources.

Why seek a business development coach?

What would your business look like if you were partnered with someone who knows exactly how to build and maintain a million dollar book, someone who can show you the way and hold you accountable for doing the things that will produce results, and who can help you do more and make more in less time and with less effort? Here are a few reasons client choose working with Raising the Bar:

  • To achieve your business development goals
  • To hold you accountable
  • To provide a powerful structure that focuses you on specific to-do's each month
  • To create a steady stream of ideal new clients
  • To use non-billable marketing time more effectively
  • To generate more revenues from existing ideal clients by cross-servicing
  • To retain ideal clients

How did you get into coaching?
Several years after beginning my career on the professional staff of Ernst & Young, I was asked to bring in new clients. I had the same reaction that many professionals do to this request: Where do you start? How do you ask for business? Although I knew a lot of people through professional associations and boards, I didn't want to appear "sleazy" when I approached them to get more business. This is where I learned how to build a practice in a tactful and productive way, which later led me into coaching. 

What sets you apart from other coaches?
What I bring to coaching is my own unique background and perspective. With my experience as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, Big 4 accountant/CPA and law firm marketing director, and ten years of coaching the brightest and best in law and accounting, I have a proven track record of understanding all aspects of business. Also, I serve on a public company board and am chairman of its audit committee. I have also served on two hospital boards and many other boards of organizations that serve the community. I use my extensive network of contacts to introduce clients and referral sources to each other.

How is coaching different from other consulting or training?
A consultant works with organizations, often doing the work for them. A coach works one-on-one with individuals, asks big things of them and holds them accountable for their results.

Competition and Confidentiality: How can you coach (for example) managing partners in competing firms? 
Each firm and person is different. The custom program is unique to each individual and draws on that person's successes, contacts and what has worked in his or her business building history. It is a business development philosophy based on "who and what you know." 

Coaching is confidential. Our working relationship and the information we share will never be disclosed to anyone without your permission.

What is your price structure?
Pricing structures vary depending on the engagement. For example, the Managing Partner Program requires an eighteen-month commitment and is billed monthly. Programs for individual without management responsibilities are typically based on an hourly rate with a minimum six-month commitment. Rates can be negotiated for a commitment of more than five individual from one firm.

I do pretty well developing business on my own. Why do I need a coach?
Even Olympic athletes have a coach. I have coaches for various aspects of my own business. Coaching helps even the most consummate rainmaker focus on what he or she needs to do most to bring in results that are better and quicker than what otherwise could be achieved.

I don't have time for more business development activities.
You will use the same non-billable business development time you already have allocated -- but you will use it in a more effective, results-oriented manner.

How do I get started with coaching?
Contact me to arrange a convenient time to discuss your goals. I will answer any additional questions you may have and schedule your sessions. Don't wait too long, however. My schedule remains fully booked so there could be a delay before you can get started.  

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